Management and Staff

Teams are aware of practicing tolerance as an essential part of our daily work life. Thoughtfulness and understanding of other cultures is an essential part of our service. A willingness to listen contributes to our ability to advance quality client care.

This organization is credited with meeting the needs of the present, as our motivator, without compromising the ability of future generations.

Our Executive Team

Mrs. Rita Stewart President
Mr. John McRee Residential Services Coordinator
Mr. James Dunn Account Management Coordinator
Ms. Abigail Desrochers Record Management Coordinator
Ms. Brenda Martin Support Services Coordinator
Ms. Shirley Moore Residential Services Manager
Mrs. Ester Mordi Corporate Assistant

Board and Committee Members

Applications are accepted anually for Board and Committee members.

We seek persons who have experience in areas of finance, legal, governance, community development and/or general interest that will enhance our organizational mission, vision and values. When one is selected, members will be asked to commit approximately four to six hours per month. Your involvement will greatly assist our organization to enhance and improve our service delivery and accessibility. This gift of time includes board and/or committee meetings, and may include representing the organization at both public and private functions.

If interested, please contact Mrs. Ester Mordi for an application form. Stewartville Professional Center Inc. wishes to thank you for your interest.

Stewartville Professional Center Inc. is committed to create an atmosphere which encourages the development of potential and promote values of diversity. We want to respond to your needs and that is our commitment to you.Thank you for your gift of time. Your support is appreciated immensely in complementing our efforts to recruit - Employees, Board and Committee members - retain, and secure valuable contracts from individuals and community organizations. Your generosity truely provides the foundation for everything we can do andwill do with supports.