About Us

Stewartville Professional Center Incorporated is a Home Health and Support Service Provider that is committed to reaching out to people and provide various types of assistance. Our corporation is governed by a Board of Directors who is dedicated and encourages a wide array of opportunities for responsible management. The Board oversees, assures sound governance, and continues adherence to policies and procedures.

The Board of Directors receives detailed reporting on a monthly basis from the President. This reporting combined with long term assessment and evaluation provide for the development of strategies to ensure the continued long term sustainability for the corporation. These initiatives are critical in building foundations that enable the delivery of services and conduct activities in a manner that meet expectations and adhere to the mission, vision and values set by the Board of Directors.

Our President focuses on planned design, increased communication, stakeholder relationships, services standards, policy development and enterprise risk management. Staffs continue to work collaboratively with the President to ensure that there is a shared mission, vision, and values for the overall organization. The board delegates responsibility for managing day-to-day operations to the President, who in term delegates to management and staff as appropriate.

Our Mission

Our mission provides for holistic health services, individualized and comprehensive care to enhance the multiple needs for our clients. Since the formation of Stewartville Professional Center Incorporated in 1992, our focus has been the center of intellectual, cultural, social and economic life in Winnipeg , Manitoba . In order to fulfill our responsibilities as a service provider, management and staff:

Our Vision

Our corporation exists with pride, tradition and unity of strength. Our vision enables the corporation to maintain acceptable standards, which help to make our communities better places to live. Grounded in the wisdom of historical prospective, assured in our achievement as a Home Health Care Provider, we move forward with confidence, new worlds of thought, opportunity and time.

Our path is widened by respect for diverse opinions, is smoothened by shared human values and quickened by openness to innovation. Along the way, our guidepost is clear – we are devoted to client success, community empowerment by technology, and an environment dedicated to personal responsibility and global thinking.

Our Values

Our Management and Staff operate within an organizational set of values that promote integrity, honor, holism, and community partnerships. Our values also provide for access to community empowerment, efficiency, innovation, partnerships and interdisciplinary collaboration, along with client participation in our service development and networks that link through various communication channels.

Our Principles

This centre is a proud partner in creating links for better client care. This helps our organization to set the stage for the future of our society for care services. Our principles are based on:

Our mission, vision, values and principles demonstrate the caring, compassion, quality and dependability we visualize in ourselves and expect of others.